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Our customers

Customers can choose from this app online what they would like, and our team will get the fresh grocery of their choice packed and delivered to them. Customers can order groceries using our KainCart app. Open KainCart app on your phone or desktop after you have signed in app. Then select store and find fresh groceries, choose payment option, pick delivery time, and place your order.

A single Mother

Kim is a single mother who has 2 naughty kids. It’s not easy for her to bring them for grocery shopping or leave at home.

A Student

Liza is an international student who do not get time to spend on grocery store after job and study.

An Employee

John work 7 days a week and get tired after job and do not want to spend hours in store aisles & long queues at checkout.

No car

Amy has to lift very heavy grocery bags every week or has to spend money on cab because he don’t have car to take groceries home

No Store nearby

Mike lives in Vancouver, has to take two buses to visit grocery shop because there is no grocery store nearby his home.

Lazy People

Paul lives with his old mother who always want him to do grocery but he is very lazy and don’t want to go out.

Why Shop Online

In today’s life, time is a real constraint. People hardly gets leisure time because of hectic work schedule. There is one thing however, whose invention proved to be of great help to the mankind. The thing that is being talked about here is the internet. Internet helps people to pay bills, buy necessary items, and find entertainment in the form of music, movies and many more things. To add to the list of items that can be bought online are groceries. The idea of KAINCART is extremely innovative and useful as well.

• Delivery is to your kitchen or local locker with e-shopping.
• Choose a 1 or 2 hour time-slot for convenience.
• Stores send best quality and freshness to minimise complaints.
• Avoid the hassle of crowds and parking queues.
• Get the best prices; browse offers online at your leisure.